About Us
We are a whole seller celebrating its 35th year!
Main Products
-Medical equipment
-Daily Items
-Alcoholic Beverage
Special Sales Division Profile

Exclusive buyers all over Japan have assembled our selection of quality products. We provide high-end items in various categories, including fashion, food, and medical equipment. In particular, we are focused on discovering traditional crafts and hidden gems that utilize the latest technology. In addition, we work to spread trends that display the cultural background of each of your products. Our unique system can adapt to the ever-changing consumer market, and we will support the advertisement of your satisfactory items, including sales promotion materials.
We look for new products every day.
'I want to expand my sales channels" + "I have a good product but can't find a seller."
If you relate to these, Contact us!
online shop
Our shop mainly sells medical equipment and miscellaneous goods. Many new products are also posted.
This shop is a site specializing in sake. We mainly sell sake sets, snacks, and foods that go well with sake.
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